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Eartha Astraya Releasing New Line of Essential Oils
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Eartha Astraya Releasing New Line of Essential Oils

Thieves Oils

Eartha Astraya Releasing New Line of Essential Oils

We have had many experiences with essential oils. We love the benefits and the amazing sensual relationship we have with the oils the plants produce. Unfortunately people take advantage of this. Eartha Astraya has had our own bad experiences with essential oils and buying them online and not getting what we were looking for.

It is very important that your essential oils are pure. Especially when used therapeutically or medicinally it is important that any plants you use are free of toxins and not processed using harsh chemicals. The negative effects of industrial chemicals can and will outweigh the benefits of the oils. So please be careful.

This is one of the reasons Eartha Astraya has decided to release its own oils. This give us the opportunity to find the best oils and to buy them in the right quantities to make amazing oils affordable.

The better the oil the higher the cost and if you find something that is very cheap its likely not to even be what it says it is. Fair warning.

We will be using organic oils almost every time. Though there may be some situations where the oils are not totally organic that will be rare and we will still be buying the best oils we can find.

Just look for our label and know that we are looking for oils for the right reasons and not trying to mass produce trash to make a buck.

This is why the entire line of essential oils on our website will be updated over the next few weeks to feature our new brand. If you have had a bad experience with a past purchase please contact us and we will be happy to refund you in full no questions asked.

We have not got a lot of these requests but have recognized the weakness in our own supply chain and are taking proactive steps to be a formidable supplier of the best in oils and other supplies.

Stay tuned for more announcements. In addition to pure oils we are releasing some amazing mixtures.

We will start with our favorite top ten. These include

The Oil of the Five Thieves

Morning Mist

Dragon Mist

Men’s Musk

Flower’s of Life

and many more…

Check back soon!

Thieves Oils

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