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about Eartha Astraya
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about Eartha Astraya

Eartha Astraya

Empowerment starts with simple direct actions that build up and support each other as they grow towards a purpose. This the essence of the sacred and the divine which have been building for an eternity.

We have the ability to focus our thought and our energy through intentions and habit. With proper reminders and practice your intentions will take on a life of their own helping you on your way and carrying you through difficulties that you previously thought were impossible.   

Choosing how to act, how to smell, how to dress, how decorate to our homes or in what other way create and express ourselves empowers us to create meaning and leave our imprint on reality.   

It’s best to make it a good one and put some thought into it. 

Selenite Towers can take thousands of years to


At Eartha Astraya we want both your senses and your spirit to be awakened and resonated. We choose and create products and information to help you do that. Much of our products are hand made and many of them are handmade in our shops.

Everything is created with Love, Kindness and Honor for Life. We use organic ingredients whenever possible and try to find the best sources. Let your environment guide you and remind you each day of who you are and what you are becoming.   

Intention and actions together have all of the power. If we are careful and put our intention into things with practice we will better guide ourselves directly to what we intend and desire and it will seem that it came to us like magic.   

There is always a lot of talking about magical energies and spiritual forces. True energy resides and emanates from each of us through our actions. We contain everything within us. Our power comes from within and though we me get the help of tools it is up to us to do the preparation to be the guides for those tools so that they may strike properly and create amazingly.   

It is important when you want an amazing effect to have the best tools and the best ingredients and so we keep that in mind when we create anything for our customers just as we would ourselves.    You won’t find the best deals or the lowest prices here. We pride ourselves with starting with the best and giving you a fair return in value for what you pay.   

Personal Empowerment is like steering a ship through a storm of chaos. This may sound very intense and reaching but really isn’t if you realize it is only about small choices. Actively and Intelligently making small changes in your course while paying attention to the map and the needs of your ship is the best path to your goal.   

These choice can start very small and can be something as simple as an altar in your study or a sacred space with some of your favorite colors or you could even build an entire temple or shrine. We all need a temple or shrine, big or small doesn’t matter. We are temples ourselves and if there is a place we can go and feel that calm sacred temple inside us then that place can be very sacred and useful for us because it reminds us of and brings us back to ourselves and who we are. Adorn it with symbols that show that and what is important to us. Our own sacred space can instantly reconnect us to our many aspects that we may have forgotten in the time and the bustle of life.   

So here we are creating a little shop and a little repository of information that we think you might find helpful on your path. We are open to suggestions. We are always interested in expanding what we know or what we offer. So if you have some ideas please do let us know how we could be better.   

Thank You for Coming and Please Enjoy : Much More that is Yet to Come