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OIl Mixtures
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OIl Mixtures

When waking up in the Morning the most important things I try to think about are drinking water and breathing. It really helps to bring in big breathes of fresh air in the morning to get your brain alert and thinking and greet the day with an enthusiasm that will take you in the direction your looking.

This is a spray that I use in the morning when I wake. I gives me a boost, makes me smile and is good for general breathing and wakefulness, alertness and brings a joyful fragrance to the mind. I call it Morning Breath. 

Lately a lot of people have been asking me about Thieves Oil. It is actually an oil combination that I use a lot. Not only is it’s aroma one of my favorites, very uplifting and powerful, I also find that it is a very useful combination. I first came across Thieves Oil when it was left in my truck after a long camping trip. It was in a vial with a handmade label that said “Thieves.” It was intoxicating. I was instantly a fan. This lead me to do a little research and I found that the recipe was easily found on the website and until recently I only remembered the brief version of the story that I read when I first found the recipe on a Young Living website.