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Introduction to Divination
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Introduction to Divination

Divination Tarot Hand

Introduction to Divination

Divination Tarot Hand

Divination: (from Latin divinare “to foresee, to be inspired by a god”,[2] related to divinus, divine)

Divine – The Intangible Understanding of the Universe
Nation – Gathering of Information into a System

Divination is basically the gathering of the intangible into a system by which it can be made tangible.

Often people speak of Divination in it’s popular sense, the attempt to read the future. Divination is more than that, it is used to read what we cannot see with our own eyes or senses. The Diviner draws a symbol from a system of symbols he has studied and uses his knowledge of that symbol, the system, and his intuition to give the “Seeker” insight to the parts of the Universe he cannot see. This allows a Seeker to see the Universe more clearly in order to make better choices.

The word “divine” suggests the intangible energy of the Universe. Nation represents the bringing of that energy into a system that can be interpreted. How are we to know the intangible and interpret it? Divine-Nation systems create boundaries by which to define the nature of the Universal energies. These boundaries become Universal Symbols from which the mundane or physical details of the situation can be “read.” Diviners are trained to read these symbols using their intellectual knowledge guided by their intuition. A specific symbol “The Chariot Card” might represent certain types of travel for example. The Diviner using this symbol and other cards relating to the “wealth” and “purchases” might get a feeling that the seeker will buy a new car soon.
I was taught to use “Intellect guided by Intuition.” This means that my knowledge of the system is combined with what I feel, see, and experience as I observe and feel the Seeker’s energy in my presence. Once the Seeker is given the information it is his to use as he wishes in order to either keep the movement of energy going in the direction it has been divined or make a choice to change it.

There are many divinatory systems:

  • Palmistry: The reading of lines, size, and shape of the hand. The idea is that we are born with certain gifts and tendencies which are expressed in our hands. As our life evolves so do our hands and so the reading may change over time.
  • Astrology: The belief that the objects of the cosmos give us a understanding of the energies that are affecting us. Different parts of the cosmos and different planets and stars represent different energies and their affect on us. By relating the current state of the Universe in  to the state is was when someone was born you can get an idea of how the individual is being affected by the Universe. By knowing where the planets will be you can read the future energy.
  • Numerology: The belief that the entire Universe is represented by ten numbers. Numbers are not random but represent different energy frequencies. The energy of the universe expresses itself with numbers which we see and encounter everyday in things like Dates, Times, Amounts, on signs and in other places. You can add up the digits of many digit numbers and combine their values to make any number into a single digit. The Seekers birthday can be made into a number, today’s date has a number, the current year. Thesea are all used to divine different relationships between you and the Universe.
  • Color Reading – Colors are literaly different wavelengths of vibration. Different colors can be related to different states of being. By paying attention to what someone is wearing or what colors they choose you can learn a lot about their state of mind and situation.
  • Runes – Ancient runes are symbols and can be used for divining. This includes any alphabet like the Hebrew Alphabet or even our own.
  • Dice – Dice can be used to create random numbers for use in numerology similar to choosing Tarot Cards
  • Tarot – Tarot is the swiss army knife of Divination. It uses colors, seasons, elements, numerology, astrology, and many other systems combined to create a cohesive whole system of understanding realities symbols. There are thousands of different Tarot decks. The one I learned From is called the Rider-Waite Tarot. It was developed by the Golden Dawn based on many ancient Tarot systems and adapted to their interpretation of the occult knowledge.

Rider-waite Tarot splits the Universe into 78 parts each represented by a card. Each card is a situation which can be looked on from two different directions.
There are 22 Spiritual Cards which represent the 22 paths to Enlightenment and the 22 Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet

There are 56 Mundane Cards which represent the lower forms of physical reality and the cycles of generative life. These cards are much like the cards of a modern playing card deck. There are four suits. Representing the four elements earth, air, fire, water. Each suit has 10 cards representing the numbers in numerology and four court cards representing people the four forms of man Page, Knight, Queen and King.

Do a one card reading for meeting. Discuss the meaning of the card after the meeting.


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