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Making Clove Oil
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Making Clove Oil

Making Clove Oil

Making Clove Oil

Clove Oil has all kinds of wonderful uses. It is widely popular to use cloves to ease swelling and pain from tooth infections in the mouth.


6 grams of fresh whole cloves

Half Cup of Olive Oil

You will also need:

Mortar and Pestle Or Spice Grinder

Large Coffee Filter

String (cotton or hemp)

Mason Jar

Aluminum Foil

  1. Grind Your Cloves.
  2. Put the ground cloves in the center of the coffee Filter.
  3. Close and Tie the end of the coffee filter closed with the string.
  4. Pour a half cup of Olive oil in a Mason Jar. 
  5. Make a lid on the top of the jar with tin foil and push the top in to make a convex lid. 
  6. Heat water in a large pot and place a second pot inside the first pot to create a double boiler. 
  7. Place your mason jar with cloves and oil in the second pot. 
  8. Allow the cloves to heat in the double boiler for 45 minutes. 
  9. Remove the jar and let sit for one week with the cloves inside the jar.
  10. Remove the coffee filter and cloves from the jar. 
  11. Try a few drops!
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